WHERE ARE THE COLOURS of the 2/15th Battalion AIF?

On 13 May 2009, I (Site Admin) visited St John's Cathedral to find out the situation regarding the 2/15th Battalion colours.  I was unable to locate them in the cathedral itself, and asked the guides and the office about the situation.  It appears that the colours that they had have disintegrated in the manner described below, and so are no longer in existence.

I was able to view the book that they have prepared for training their guides.  This indicates that the battalion's Queen's Colours were indeed there at some stage, but there is no specific mention of the Regimental Colours.  It gives little other information, and does not mention their fate.  The best advice is that they no longer exist. This site has a photo of the presentation of the colours in February 1958, and I have given a copy to the Cathedral for their archives.

Barring anyone having separate photos of the Colours, I suppose that this is the end of the tale.  Maybe someone knows more or has a photo?

I took the opportunity to photograph the other colours that were hanging in the cathedral and these can be viewed below. Note that the 15th Battalion colours also appear to have disintegrated.


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COLOURS: 15th Bn

The following is an extract from Brisbane's St John's Cathedral website (FAQ page) for 15th Bn colours (not 2/15th). (site not working 9 June 2014)

"Why is there a flag disintegrating near the Southern Chapel? 
The colours (flag) represent the spirit of a military regiment, and when they are replaced by new colours, the old are laid up in a cathedral or sacred place with great military ceremony.

The tradition is that they are allowed to disintegrate over time to be replaced by a new colour. They are not repaired, but are to hang until they drop and the remains are swept out with the dust of the floor. The ragged colours amongst those laid up in St John's are from the 15th Infantry Battalion laid up in 1953."