The following is full copy of the original embarkation roll from when the battalion left Sydney on 26 December 1940 for the Middle East.

There are two groups - Officers and Enlisted. In each of these, the soldiers' names are in order of enlistment number.

These enlistment numbers can be found from searching by name in the Battalion Roll on this site.

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 2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark1 small  2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark2 small  2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark3 small  2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark4 small  2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark5 small

1                                              2                                            3                                           4                                              5


2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark6 small  2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark7 small  2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark8 small  2nd15thQueenMaryEmbark9 small

6                                              7                                            8                                              9