Grave Markers



Some of these photos are of the temporary field graves on the site of the battle.  Others are of the permanent grave sites in the centralised cemeteries.  This site is obviously a work in progress.


NX12306 Magno CKM Lt Col El Alamein 688x1024
QX12691 Pickup WC KIA 25 Oct 1942 627x1024
QX12981 Brice 1 El Alamein View E
QX12981 Brice GE
QX15669 OFarrell Paddy PC KIA 24 Oct 1942 647x1024
QX16765 Tart R 1024x746
QX1680 Desailly WF 1024x709
QX20096 Gould LT Les El Alamein 1942 642x1024
QX27950 Adams RK 1024x820
QX28674 Nitz GW 1024x847
QX29004 Royal VR 1024x725
QX3201 Hooper VH 1024x804
QX5973 Allen DJ 1024x765
QX6223 Cobb WW MCBar KIA 23 Oct 1942 El Alamein 603x1024
QX6230 Christie EM 1024x875
QX6588 McIntyre LJ 1024x794
QX6646 Wilson RF 1024x835
QX6646 Wilson RF Lt NG 1024x725
QX6647 Harpham NL 1024x831
QX6815 - Grave Sgt L C Sandy Plater El Alamein War Cemetery
QX686 Plater LC 607x796
QX6940 Christsen JW DCM KIA 31 Oct 1942 602x1024
QX7945 Colombus AS 1024x828
QX8041 Donovan Teddie Cpl KIA 1 Sep 1942 Bulimba 1942 737x1024
QX8048 Peyton AJC kia 26 Oct 1942 El Alamein 699x1024
QX8214 Collins FG 620x790
QX8225 Bode FL Lance 790x560
QX8669 Anderson HJ 1024x707
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Lest We Forget.