Borneo PoWs

  This information came from Ray Clitheroe on 9 Dec 2008, who says, inter alia:

I have found another pic of interest which I have attached. My Dad told me about this photo when I was younger, less interested and I didn't heed the details as much as I should, but I am sure he said it was taken in Borneo which means it is a 2/15th photo. I think Dad said the digger at centre-back, who can be seen clearly head, shoulders and chest, directly over the head of the centre Japanese in the front row of 3 POW's, is my Dad. The kids to the left seem to support the Borneo location. I thought it would make an interesting pic for the website and I thought I might even see if I can get it "blown-up" professionally for more detail. Someone / decendant may recognise the digger with his arms folded front-right and the other with his hands on his hips at the rear-right. I am fairly certain Dad said they were NCO's. There is not a mark on the back of the pic to assist in identifying the subject of the photo.

Japanese POWs Borneo - R Clitheroe



HELP: Can you confirm where this was taken? Do you now others in the photo?

Here are enlarged portions of the above photo from Ray on 31 Dec 2008 ie same dates, same location:


borneo war pic5 - R Clitheroe


borneo war pic3 - R Clitheroe

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