The Battalion served with, and was supported by, many other units both army and naval. This is a list of some of them.

  • Army

    The 2/15th Bn, the 2/13th Bn and the 2/17th Bn were all part of the 20th Brigade, so their individual experiences were very similar.  Their various histories show different perspectives on the exploits of the 2/15th Bn.

    The 20th Brigade joined with others to make up the 9th Division - infantry, artillery, support etc.  Some of their unit histories are linked here for the same reason as above.

    The 62nd Bn is linked here as it provided a significant number of reinforcement to the Battalion in 1944. The 66th Bn is significant as many 2/15th Bn members joined it at the completion of hostilities and served in the occupation forces in Japan.

  • Ships

    These are links to a number of naval and maritime vessels that supported and/or transported the 2/15th Bn to and from Darwin, the Middle East, New Guinea and finally Borneo. 

    Some of these links are simply because the ships are named after significant actions in which the 2/15th Bn participated.