El Alamein - Townsville Daily Bulletin

Article from Townsville Daily Bulletin re El Alamein.


This article appeared in the 23 October 2010 issue of the Townsville Daily Bulletin and recognises the 68th Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein.  It is reproduced here by kind permission of the publishers.


Note that it is Norman (Greenbottle) Bebb (not Bevv) in one of the pictures.


Thanks to John Neal for organising this copy.



[The Townsville Bulletin's original file name for this article was:http___www.newstext.newsltd.com.au_textlib_sp.asp_pdf=http___nqn-intranet.news.newslimited.local_pdfpageviewer_pdf_2010_BUL_23OCT_BULSA23OCT042.pdf]