Bulimba - Townsville report

The following is an extract from the Townsville Daily Bulletin of 16 October 1942.  It reports casualties, PoWs etc from the 2/15th Battalion and other units.  
From the timing, these 2/15th casualties etc would appear to be from Operation Bulimba. The unit history - Caveant Hostes - gives more detail on the actionis

Look at a similar listing from the Cairns Post of the same date.

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The following is the same as above, but in text and slightly reformatted.



Two Queensland Lists

BRISBANE, October 15— Two Army casualty lists issued to-day contained the names of the following Queenslanders.


Killed in action: 

Private T. C. Roos (Rockhampton).

Died of wounds:

Ptes. W. H. Doolan (Cairns),

W. W. Gate (Gordonvale).

Wounded in action and placed on dangerously ill list:

Pte. G. E. Chard (Maryborough).

Wounded in action:

Pte. G. T. Banks (Bundaberg);

Sapper J. J. Barnden (Brisbane):

Ptes. C. H. Briant (Ayr).

J. W. Campbell (Brisbane);

E. N. Carlton (Cloncurry);

F. G. Collins (Wowan):

S. I. Gilmore (Longreach);

F. J. Hayes (Townsville);

F. L. Keast (Atherton):

R. Kinnest (Bundaberg);

B. J. Millwater (Zillmere);

A. V. Pashen (Mt. Molloy);

Lieut. C. D. Rose (Brisbane);

Pte. A. W. Shepherd (Mirriwinni);

Sapper S. H. Smith (Brisbane);

L/Sgt. I. D. Story (Nambour);

Spr. A. E. Wale (Brisbane);

Pte. D. T. Wright (Milman).

Wounded in action, but remaining on duty:

Pte. E. A. Browne (Tweed Heads);

Lieut. L. L. Grimstone (Brisbane);

Ptes. T. J. Laurie (Townsville);  

A. W. S. Lean (Brisbane);

C. W. Lees (Ulmarra);

H. D. Myers (Jimboomba),

J. R. Parry (McKinlay);

Captain L. Snell (Bowen);

Private R. Tart (Tannymorel.)

Missing, believed killed:

Pte. C. J. Conaghan (Coolangatta);

A./Cpl. H. S. Debney (Proserpine);

Ptes. A. J. M. Hill (Dallarnil);

W. J. Kennelly (Brisbane).

Wounded In action and missing:

L/Cpl. W. R. Jory (Mudgeeraba).


Pte. R. C. Pymar (Thursday Island).

Prisoner of war:

Lieut. K. H. Bradshaw (Brisbane).


Previously reported killed in action, now reported missing, believed killed:

Lieut. R. D. Exton (Brisbane).

Previously reported missing, now reported prisoner of war:

Pte. H. T. Cox (Maleny);

L/Cpl. F. C. Davies  (Cairns);

Cpl. R. B. Gardner (Brisbane);

Pte. B. L. Hutchison (Oakey);

Sprs. O. T. Fuhrman-Luck (Brisbane);

J. F. Gibson (Maryborough);.

J. H. Hamlyn (Brisbane);

D. A. Heron (Brisbane);

Ptes. R. St. Q. Hooper (Brisbane);

I. Jobson (N. Gooburrum);

F. A. Jobson (Rosedale).

Previously reported missing, believed prisoner of war, now reported prisoner of war:

Ptes. D. W. Fleming (Cobbadamana) ;

A. B. Harrison (Dayboro);

W. E. Hindom (Winton).

Removed from dangerously ill and seriously ill lists:

Sapper J. M. Bostock (Ipswich).

Previously reported wounded in action, and placed on dangerously ill list, now reported removed from dangerously ill list and seriously ill list:

Ptes. R. H. Bambling (Nambour);

G. M. McKay (Bundamba).