New Guinea

USA LCIs at Lae

The 2/15th Battalion (along with the rest of the 20th Brigade) made a landing at Red Beach, which is 15 miles north east of Lae in New Guinea.  To make this landing on 4 September 1943, they travelled from Milne Bay in LCIs of the American forces.


There is some interesting text and a lot of photos in the article from page 34ff of Life of 11 October 1943.  Search this link using the term "landing craft Lae".


At least one of the LCIs was seriously damaged during the landing. See this link re LCI(L)-339.

"Lost through enemy action, 4 September 1943 during the Eastern New Guinea operation at Lae."

"LCI 339 had dropped anchor about 150 yards from the beach and came in for the unwelcome attention of three VAL bombers and three ZERO fighters approaching on the starboard side.  LTJG James Tindall, USNR, her Commanding Officer, ordered fire opened." "Dr. Boger was treating the wounded until the bombers released their bombs at about 1,500 feet, bracketing the ship with near misses to port and starboard, but scoring a direct hit just forward of the pilot house, blasting a large hole on the deck.  The 339, nonetheless, gained the beach to carry out her misison, though in a sinking condition."

lcis at lae


Australian troops disembark from USS LCI(L)-339 and US LSTs.
Identifiable LSTs include USSLST-458 and USS LST-466 at Lae New Guinea, circa 1 to 4 September 1943.
USS LCI(L)-339 was lost due to enemy air attack on 4 September while at Lae.

US National Archives photo #54378.