Huon Peninsular

 These are links to sites of interest regarding this campaign
by the 9th Division in PNG.

 (This page is a work in progress)

AWM site:  "Remembering the War in New Guinea".
AWM Film Archive:  Huon Peninsular
Biography: General George Wooten - commander of 9th Division in NG
NSW Lancers site: Capture of Sattelburg
2/17th Battalion site: Pursuit to Sio, Huon Peninsular - New Guinea (Site down 19/4/12)
Book of campaign: Bravery Above Blunder: The 9th Australian Division at Finschhafen, Sattelberg and Si
Finschhafen etc: 9th Division etc (site problem?)
New Guinea: 9th Division etc
Wikipedia page: Salamaua-Lae Campaign


A YouTube 1943 propaganda film of AIF forces around Sattleberg (9th Division?).