Tobruk Fig tree

Why is the tree so interesting and so significant?

A Regimental Aid Post was established in a deep cave underneath a large fig tree inside the Tobruk defences. It was located just inside the Red Line, south of the Derna Road. This fig tree is on the top of an escarpment, and  was the only feature in an otherwise barren desert landscape. It was visible from Hill 209 in the Salient. As a result, it was an easy target for the German artillery and seems to have been used as a target marker as well as being heavily shelled for several hours per day.


Photos including some from AWM.

fig tree aid post in service 1941
fig tree aid post in service 1941 - inside 1
fig tree aid post in service 1941 - inside 2
fig tree.1
Tobruk figtree
Tobruk figtree April 2007
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The AWM has some great photos of the aid post in use.

Photo 021021

Photo 021022

Photo 021023

Photo 021024

Photo 021026

 Other Australian News

Cuttings from this tree were propagated.  Some of the resultant seedlings had been donated to schools around Queensland.

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