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Introduction to my 2/15th Battalion remembrance web site


The 2/15th Infantry Battalion of the Second AIF was raised in Brisbane on 1 May 1940, and was disbanded in Brisbane on 21 January 1946.  It was an Australian infantry battalion that was primarily raised in Queensland, as is shown by the army identification number prefix (QX) of most of its members during its life.


The battalion became a part of the 20th Brigade along with the 2/13th and 2/17th Battalions *. (latter link not working 13/4/12) As can be seen from the battle honours that are listed on the site, it was active in the Middle East and in the South West Pacific Area (SWPA) - New Guinea and Borneo.   Although this Brigade was initially part of the Seventh Division, for most of its life it was part of the Ninth Division of the Second AIF.  When in the Middle East, it was part of the British Eighth Army and as such played key roles in the major battles at Tobruk and El Alamein.


A significant number of Australians were part of this battalion at some stage of their war service, and an index to their names is included. Also included are some relevant photographs and references that I have found or been given access to over the years.


At the cessation of hostilities and with the commencement of demobilisation of the Australian forces, a number of members voluntarily joined the 66th Infantry Battalion when it was formed from 9th Division troops on Morotai.  This new battalion was part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) in Japan.  It was subsequently (in 1948) redesignated as 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.  So it could be said that the 2/15th Battalion continues to serve to this day. 


See these websites for more information on the subsequent and current activities of 2RAR:-  2RAR-a 2RAR-b 2RAR-c 2RAR-d.  The 66th Battalion link shows the names of some previously 2/15th Bn members who died while serving with the RAR in Korea .   


I have created these pages out of an interest in following the war service of my father TJ (Jim) Laurie during the period 1942-46 with this battalion.  The first site started on 6 December 1998. For a number of years, the site was a major part of the now defunct 2/15th Battalion Remembrance Club's outreach to members and interested parties. 


Some, but not all, of the detail comes from the unit history.  I can highly recommend acquiring this book, or at least tracking down a copy in a local library.  This site's memorabilia section points to many other books of interest too. You may also be able to track down copies of the old Club's newsletter - Caveant Hostes.  There are copies of a couple of key magazine issues held on this site.


Much of other information comes from various web sites library sources, newsletters and my father's records as a member of the battalion.  The remainder comes courtesy of members and/or their relatives over the years. 


The Australian Government's WW2 Nominal Roll is a key source for information on individual soldiers.  See also the National Archives  through which individual records can be ordered. The AWM provides very interesting links to the 2/15th Battalion story and to its relevant collections.  Well worth the time to look at it.  Especially the AWM Battalion History


I’m very happy to make additions and/or corrections etc. 


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David Laurie


2 July 2014

* I have a copy of this one, and there may be Internet backup copies of it and other sites