For many years, the 2/15th Battalion AIF Remembrance Club was in existence producing newsletters etc and providing a focal point point for those interested in the history and service of the Battalion. However in May 2014, a General Meeting decided to close its operations.

As a result of this decision, the following email was sent to its then members around 2 July 2014. At the same point, no memberships were renewed and a "close-down" committee was elected.

Dear Member,
After 68 years of existence of the 2/15th Battalion Remembrance Club, and 74 years since the 2/15th AIF Battalion was formed, it  has been decided to close down the Club.  This is in line with the Constitution as written at the time of the formation of the club.  The club is in the situation of having few actual battalion members still living or able to take part in any functions of any sort.  In fact I was the only battalion member still active enough to participate in the Anzac Day March for the last two years.
As long as I am well enough to travel into the city each Anzac Day I will conduct the special service in the Crypt.  At this service we remember with respect and reverence the men lying i n graves in foreign countries, and those who have passed away since, who were our comrades, and with whom we served proudly. 
The Banner will be retired with pride and honour to Victoria Barracks for public display, together with some memorabilia.  It will be available to parade on the 75th Anniversary. 
Other memorabilia will be displayed in the “2/15th Battalion Remembrance Room” at the Nambour District Museum, 18 Mitchell Street, Nambour.  Clive Plater, nephew of Sandy (Les) Plater (KIA ElAlamein), is President of the Museum. 
Due to the electronic age, and the number of younger members, it has been decided to maintain the “Family, Friends and Supporters of the 2/15th Battalion AIF” Face Book page which is organised by Caitlin (Bob Scarr’s granddaughter).  David Laurie will continue to maintain the Battalion Web page. 
Thank you for your support over the years.  There is no reason why the friendship and social contact with each other cannot remain.
Gordon Wallace


Soon after this, the following notice was added to the original website.


Club members will have now been notified of the formal closure of the 2/15th Battalion AIF Remembrance Club and of the dispersal of its assets etc. See the above item on this page.

The current WebAdmin has agreed to maintain an appropriate online website to keep alive the previous Club's broad objectives, and this will be done - as it has been since December 1998.

However, with the closure of the Club and the consequential cancellation of its ABN and of its business name, it may not be possible to maintain the existing "" domain name indefinitely.   As a result of this trigger, the ongoing website has moved to a new domain name :-  (This type of domain registration does not require an associated ABN or a business name.)  

The existing page/ website will remain for redirection purposes only, and for as long as possible. 

The opportunity has been taken to refocus and reorganise the content to reflect the Club closure, whilst emphasising a remembrance nature.

Please adjust any bookmarks etc.

2 July 2014


The original website has now closed, with any searches being redirected to this website.