• Militaria

    These links are to pages that cover various individual items of military equipment that have been located, or which were brought back to Australia by veterans.

  • Photos etc
    • Other Photos

      These are photos collected from various functions, activities etc around the remembrance of the 2/15th Battalion.

    • Wartime Photos

      These are photos that were taken during the lifetime of the 2/15th Battalion.  Some are by members themselves, others are official photos.

  • Poems and Diaries

    These links are to pages with poems etc that were either authored or reproduced by members duing their service with the Battalion. Some are obviously original, and others are clearly ones that took their fancy enough for them to copy them into their diaries.

    A number of original poems about the Battalion were written by Battalion member Gordon Wallace and published by him in 1996. See this link to The Concrete Soldier and Other Verses.

  • Anzac Day

    These photos generally feature the 2/15th Battalion.

    • Veterans Photos

      These photos of veterans (and sometime of their surviving spouses) were taken at Anzac Day functions from 2009 onwards. 

    • Brisbane functions

      These are photos featuring members of the 2/15th Battalion and their friends and relatives on ANZAC Days in Brisbane. Some are of the ANZAC Day March in Brisbane, and others were taken at lunch functions in Brisbane.

      The 2004-2008 gap was due to the WebAdmin working overseas, and 2013 was missed for the same reason.

  • Souvenirs

    These are links to non-military items that members brought home with them after their service in various theatres.

  • Band Music
  • Books & Magazines
    • Books

      This is a list of books about the battalion that I have found over the years. They are mostly directly about the 2/15th Battalion and its members, about companion units, or they shed some light on the activities of the Battalion.

      Some of these can be downloaded from various websites as indicated. Most others can be bought on the Internet or sourced through local libraries. The WebAdmin has copies of just some and can do lookups on these if required.

      This list is always growing!  Thank you to those people who have suggested titles to be added.

    • Magazines

      The following are copies of various magazines that are relevant to the 2/15th Battalion, and some others that served with it.