Band Music

This recording is of the 2/15th Battalion Band playing a medley.
The first parts of this have been routinely played at various battalion-related ceremonies until recently.

It comes from a CD that was in the possession of Steve Rowan.



This following recording is believed to be by the Australian Army Band, again playing a medley.

Permission was received to use it on this site.




The following is The Alamein March by an unknown band - maybe it's the 2/15th Bn band?

The dates of these recordings are unknown at this time.  Can anyone help?


Who were the band members in the Battalion?

In 1940, Sgt Norm Henstridge QX6985 was appointed Bandmaster.  He would have been in this role when he became a POW in the Middle East.

There is some information on them in the Battalion History, but not enough.  
Again, can anyone help?


UPDATE: 1 October 2014:

EMAIL today from Geoff Abel at geoff.abel @

I recently came across your site when researching a family member QX12981 Gordon Elwyn BRICE who was KIA on 1st September 1942 and is buried at El Alamein.


I was interested to hear the brass band music in the memorabilia tab of you site. Even more interesting is that Gordon was a very accomplished cornet player including the soprano cornet who is said to have been very difficult to master. Gordon was a member of the Charters Towers Concert Band, the Charters Towers Citizens Band and the Charters Towers Excelsior Band ….. back in the days when brass bands were a huge source of entertainment.


There is a question on your site….. Who were the band members in the Battalion?....Perhaps Gordon was one of them and even though I never met the person just perhaps I was hearing him play.





Geoff Abel