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2/15th Battalion POWs Information

This is an updated list of 2/15th Battalion POWs from Katrina Kittel.  This is an important document for the Battalion as it gives an even clearer picture of what happened to a large number of its members after the "Benghazi Handicap".  

The list of 2/15th Bn men and the summary document are the continuation of the research into the history AIF PoWs that was commenced by Bill Rudd. Tony Rudd has also assisted with the data management and presentation.

Bill's main website is http://aifpow.com/.  The page that mentions 2/15th men is:  http://aifpow.com/part_4__nominal_roll_all_evades/chapter_4__ninth_division/20th_brigade  

Well worth a look.

See also the page on this site for Katrina's Overview of 2/15th Battalion prisoners of war in Europe.

Thank you again, Katrina, and keep up the good work.


Katrina is interested in identifying which of these men applied for and received the Italy Star for their service with partisans etc when they escaped. In particular, the following soldiers may have been eligible.   Click the above link so that you know what you are looking for on your or your relative's medal rack.  

     QX7639 Eddie Albert                            QX7647 Bob Blackmore                     QX8000 Stanley Broad 
     QX749 Patrick Carroll                           QX8577 Seymour Allan Gomersall      PX10 Walter "Bill' Gossner
     QX10626 Francis "Happy" Hungerford    QX830 William Jensen                      QX7984 William Powell
     QX6908 Willliam Pritchard                    QX5753 Ted Triffett 

Anyone with any extra information on the above and/or with corrections to the data should contact Katrina directly using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (delete the spaces in this address).

This is the current list. It has been extracted from a much larger AIF PoW database.