Members Photos

Photographic records taken by members from wherever the Battalion operated.

The following links were to Picasa photo album websites that had been developed and maintained by the late Greg Snow. This is the (now dead) main link.



The photos in these albums were taken/collected by members of the Battalion during their service in the Middle East, New Guinea and Borneo.  There may be some duplication as some appear to be "stock" photos.

The original photographs (where appropriate) remain owned by the photographer/donor, but it is understood that they may be used for private viewing and for non-commercial purposes.  If not, then let me know.




Enlistment Number Donor name No. of Photos Comments
Picasa link Site link        
Jim BAILEY Jim Bailey   Alan BAILEY 7 (P) Mainly Darwin
Jack & Dick BELL Jack & Jim Bell QX11757 & QX11608 Neville COLEMAN 11 (P) Middle East
Bill BIGGAM Bill Biggam QX26830   17 (P) Mainly Middle East
Frank BREENE Frank Breene QX13936 Regina May BREENE 2 (P) 
Jimmy CARTER Jimmy Carter QX11307 James CARTER 3 (P) 
Les CHASE Les Chase QX27936   121 (P) Mostly Middle East
Pat COLLINS Pat Collins QX26839   27 (P) Mostly New Guinea and Borneo
Charles CORNISH Charles Cornish QX9713 David CORNISH 5 (P) 
Merv COTTERELL Merv Cotterell QX14773 Wombuk Forest 25 Middle East mainly
Fred DUTTON Fred Dutton QX2380 Craig ROBERTSON 15 (P) Mainly Middle East
Edward EVANS Edward Evans QX19824   152 (P) Mostly Middle East, with great Syrian snow shots
Larry Green Larry Green QX21115 Terry GREEN 4 (P) Middle East, Bulim
Clem GUILFOYLE Clem Guilfoyle QX14730 Clement C GUILFOYLE 125 (P) Redbank, Middle East
Jim LAURIE Jim Laurie QX11710 David LAURIE 25 (P) Mostly Middle East.
Doug MACLEAN Doug Maclean QX7689 Doug MacLEAN 118 (P) Middle East - Tobruk, El Alamein graves etc
Alec MARSHALL Alec Marshall QX31706 Linda MARSHALL 2 (P) Borneo
Frank MOORE Frank Moore QX16117 Mark LOHMAN 55 (P) 
James McCLOSKEY James McCloskey QX2384 Dennis McCLOSKEY 8 (P) Middle East
Merv MCLUSKIE Merv McLuskie QX8628 Grace McLuskie HIGGS 23 (P)  Mostly Middle East
Hal MENEREY Hal Menerey QX6715 Robyne Needham 7 Middle East
John MORRIS John Morris QX7674 John MORRIS 42 (P) Middle East, New Guinea, Atherton Tableland, Borneo
NEAL     S NEAL 11 (P) Many unidentified soldiers. Tobruk etc
(Photos by Ernest John NEAL QX831?)
Peter Pechey Peter Pechey QX28467   2 (P) 1944 Townsville and some 62nd Bn members
Keith PICKERING Keith Pickering QX8644 Keith PICKERING 104 (P) Mostly Darwin and Middle East
Max PICKERING Max Pickering NX15590 G PICKERING 18 (P) Includes leaflets dropped at El Alamein, Tobruk Truth etc
Clive PLATER Clive Plater   Clive PLATER 3 (P) El Alamein - grave of Leslie Charles PLATER QX6815
Donald Robertson Donald Robertson QX11222  Donald Robertson 2 Unknown
Tony ROWAN Tony Rowan QX5147 Steve ROWAN 8 (P) Mostly Darwin
Charles RINGUET Charles Ringuet QX2386 Mrs B HILL 27 (P) Mostly Middle East
Doug SMALES Doug Smales QX9382 Doug SMALES 250 (P) Includes grave photos, Darwin, Syria, Egypt, El Alamein, New Guinea and Borneo
Alfred Greig Smith Alfred Greig Smith QX6199 Raymond Smith 121  (P) Middle East, Tobruk
Russell SNOW Russell Snow QX13670 Greg SNOW 94 (P) Middle East
Ken STEWART Ken Stewart QX20116 R STEWART 32 (P) Mainly Syria
L W STUBBINGS L W Stubbings QX17690 Marie STUBBINGS 5 (P) 
TAYLOR001 Taylor001     51

(P) Mostly Middle East

George TOWNSEND George Townsend QX18999 Graham TOWNSEND 1 (P) 
John "Taffy" PARRISH John "Taffy" Parrish QX7655 Irene PARRISH  9 (P) Unidentified soldiers
Robert WALLACE Robert Wallace QX28393 Julie WARRELL 84 (P) Egypt, Palestine, Labuan
Jim WILSON Jim Wilson QX5417 Julie WILSON 1 (P) On board "Indrapoera"" in 1941